The Four Best Spells From Harry Potter | Blogtober 2019

I’m back with another post for Blogtober which is sadly ending so soon (i.e. today)! The prompt for today is:

Four Favourite Harry Potter Spells

As I haven’t read or watched Harry Potter recently, I had to look up a masterlist of spells to consult in order to choose which four I thought are the best. When deciding, I thought I’d go with which spells I think would come in most use in my day to day life in a practical sense, rather than which ones which would cause a lot of fun (as although I may be tempted to use Alarte Ascendare to propel my friends up in the air or use a Bat-Bogey Hez, I don’t think they would be the most helpful to have).


Accio, as you may know already, is a summoning charm, which means that it summons an object towards the caster. I think this would be a useful one to have for those times where you’re rushing to get out the door and then realise you’re missing something but have no idea where it is. Equally, it would be perfect for when you’re in bed or on the sofa and simply don’t want to get up because you’re in that perfectly comfortable position and don’t want to ruin it.

In short, I think Accio would be a great charm to have so I can be lazier and solve the smallest and most irrelevant of my problems – can you blame me?

Expecto Patronum

Expecto Patronum is probably the most famous out of all the spells in the Harry Potter universe. It’s a powerful protective spell (/charm) which conjures a spirit guardian out of the caster’s positive emotions to defend against dark creatures. The reason it made the list wasn’t due to the usefulness I think it would provide (as the likelihood of me coming across dark magic is relatively low – although it doesn’t hurt to be prepared), but instead because I’m so curious to know what form my Patronus would take. And let’s be honest – don’t we all?


Protego is a shield charm which, like its description suggests, summons an invisible shield that reflects spells and blocks physical entities or attacks. It’s essentially a more useful version of Expecto Patronum, as if perchance I do come under attack, the chance of it being physical assault is much greater than any other type. Whilst I neither expect to nor want to put myself in a situation that could arise in my physical safety coming under jeopardy, it would definitely be nice to have the comfort of knowing that if I did end up in such circumstances, I wouldn’t need to worry.


Like Accio, Scougify is a spell which would simply revolutionise my day-to-day routine, i.e. I would never need to clean anything ever again. This time next year I’ll be at university doing my best to becoming a full-fledged adult and whilst some may say that not needing to do my laundry, wash dishes, or vacuum is cheating and the shirking of what should be included in my responsibilities, I’m not exactly going to do those tasks manually if I don’t need to.

Those are my four favourite spells from Harry Potter – which ones would you pick?

This prompt was taken from  Hâf @ The Library Looter and Anniek @ Anniek’s Library ‘s Blogtober challenge and was the prompt for day 27.

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i love this post so much! it’s such a good idea, and i feel the same way about patronises! like, the likely hood of me actually using it is slim, however, who can resist the temptation to see their spirit animal vaporize in a silvery glimmer??