Taylor Swift Stadium Tour

As a premise I am a massive Taylor Swift fan, I always seem to find solace in her music and it’s managed to help me get through some difficult situations. So, when I found out she was going to be taking her reputation tour to the UK, I  just simply had to get tickets. The concert was a Friday night, at Wembley Stadium. Her two supports were Charli XCX and Camila Cabello, both strong female singers who could easily headline by themselves, so having all three of them showcasing on one night was inspiring to say the least. Niall Horan graced the stage towards the end as our surprise guest, with Robbie Williams to follow the next night.

Before the show

As it was in a stadium (obviously because it’s a stadium tour) it meant that we could see much better than I had anticipated. My friend and I bought tickets in the middle of the stands, wanting seats that allowed us to see some of the action, whilst not forking too much money (although ashamedly we did). You can see our line of view in the photos as the majority were taken from our seats.

The stadium beginning to fill up.

One thing that stuck out to me before the concert was simply how long it was. It began shortly before 1800 and carried on until 2230, albeit there were two breaks after Charli XCX and Camila Cabello, but it still meant that Taylor herself had to sing and dance on the stage for over two hours, and that’s definitely an admirable feat.

What made it even better (I know, who thought it possible) was that she performed on three stages, one at the end of the stadium, but also on two additional ones in the middle at the right and left hand sides. This meant we could see her much better, so she wasn’t just a moving ant sized person on the stage. To our delight she sang some of her iconic songs whilst she was on our closest stage, such as Blank Space(; and if you’re interested, the set list can be found online with a simple google search). In each show she sang a ‘surprise’ song, to say, which was individual to each tour location, and ours was So it goes, meaning we were treated to the entire reputation album.

To make it more special, on entrance each concert go-er was given a light up bracelet as a “gift from Taylor”, which flashed in time and in different colours, to the music. For anyone who’s been to a concert before you’re probably familiar with holding up your phone with the flashlight on, in order to light up the stadium, and this allowed a similar effect to be produced with ease, but adding in different colours for the different moods.

The stages were able to move, in addition, and had these massive blow-up snakes coming out of them during several songs (I know my explanation is bad, just refer to the photos), and it was clear that there was so much planning involved in getting this tour on its feet.

My favourite song that she performed was Don’t Blame Me, one of the songs on her most recent album, reputation, which most of the songs came from. There were flamethrowers and fireworks that went off throughout, making it into, to quote my friend, a ‘religious experience’.

To go with everything else the costumes were superb (can you tell I’m fangirling yet?). She changed her outfit many a time throughout the show, often leaving you asking how and where on earth she did it. They generally matched the songs she sang, such as wearing a elegant dress when she sung Dress, funnily enough.

As always though, Taylor spoke to us, the crowd, between different sets: thanking us and speaking of her appreciation, and also about why she stayed outside of the public eye for so long. To me, what made her stand out from other artists, is that she never distanced herself from her audience, never put herself on a pedestal, never pretended as though she was superior to the rest of us. Her keeping it real meant that the rest of us did as well, and her fanbase tends to reflect the kind, warm message that she projects, although not seen by some.

Taylor’s Stadium Tour will be one that I shan’t forget, for the effort that she, and her team, put in, whether they were on that stage or behind it. It was truly a magical night.

During the show (see those inflatable snakes I was talking about earlier).



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Shameta Siva

Wow that looks amazing!! I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest taylor swift fangirl but I’ve always wanted to go for one of her concerts. Gutted I didn’t get to attend any shows when she was touring Red, that’s still my favourite album.