This Friday, 10th November, marks the release of Taylor Swift’s sixth studio album, Reputation. Judging from the four singles she’s already released – Look What You Made Me Do, Ready For It?, Gorgeous, and Call It What You Want – and fans’ comments from the secret sessions she’s held, this album marks a new sound for Taylor, with the tracks being very ‘diverse’, to quote Ed Sheeran.

In terms of my opinion of her new album, I am absolutely loving it so far. Having been a later fan of hers (but definitely still a huge one), I began listening to her pop songs first, and then worked back chronologically into her early country music. I think this could have played a part in my obsession with all the music she has created, along with my general love for her doing what she loves.

This time around it’s clear that she’s producing the music she wants to, not letting the media and the general public influencing her. It is also obvious that she wants to give back to her fans, with the secret sessions and her two new music videos being littered with references to her ex-boyfriends and music videos to name a couple.

So, I’ll definitely be waking up at 5am this Friday (damn you time zones) to listen to Reputation as soon as it is released, and I simply cannot wait for the inevitably beautiful songs she has in store for us.


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