Reading Challenge Update | Blogtober 2019

Right at the beginning of the year, I set myself three goals that I wanted to achieve in my reading life, which were:

  • Read a total of 52 books
  • Read more classics
  • Do more wider reading / read more non-fiction

(You can also find the original post which I wrote about them in detail here.)

Now it’s October and I’ve yet to do an update on how I’m doing and if I’m anywhere near to achieving said goals, so it made sense to do that whilst I can and before the year ends.

1. Read 52 books

The easiest way to tell you how I’m doing on this one is to simply say how many books I’ve read so far this year, that being 33. According to Goodreads, this means that I’m currently 6 books behind schedule – eek! Despite this, however, I’m feeling not to bad about my progress so far as in 2018 I set myself the same reading goal and only managed 32, so I’m definitely going to beat that at least. Saying that, I think I would be annoyed with myself if I missed my goal two years in a row so I definitely want to make good progress and meet the challenge by the end of the year!

I know that reading 52 books isn’t a challenge for some people – believe me, I’ve seen the challenges of 100/150 (and been severely intimidated by them) – however I’m not the most consistent in my reading habits so 52 books is a much more realistic and achievable target for me, whilst it remaining a challenge. And we never know, maybe one day I’ll be setting those ridiculously high targets myself.

2. Read more classics

I’ve only read one classic so far this year, The Great Gatsby, which I read in January – so you can tell I started with good intentions, they just faltered a bit (or a lot). I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby so I’m hoping to get around to reading at least a couple more classics over the next few months – I think that I’ve had a lack of motivation in terms of picking them up and diligently reading them, as they can take up a bit more effort compared to your standard fantasy or YA books. I also watched the BBC’s TV adaptation of Pride and Prejudice (starring the beautiful Colin First) earlier this year, so when I do get round to picking a classic up I think it’s fairly likely that Pride and Prejudice will be my go-to choice.

3. Do more wider reading / Read more non-fiction

I’m happy to say that this is a goal I’m making good headway on (it would be disappointing if I was failing all three!). I’ve done a lot of reading around my subjects at school (maths, physics and chemistry) which I’ve found beneficial both in the classroom and for when I had to write my personal statement for my university applications – as well as finding it generally interesting! I also entered a couple essay competitions (and placed second in one of them 🙂 ) so I did some extra reading for those too.

The book which I think is the most recommendation-worthy would be Atmosphere of Hope: Searching for Solutions to the Climate Crisis by environmentalist Tim Flannery. Whilst it was written a few years ago now (2015) it gives a good insight into the main problems that we’re facing as a global community, with figures and case studies, and also discusses some of the possible solutions that scientists and industry are working on to overcome these – whilst remaining realistic (but not pessimistic). I say it’s the best to recommend out of what I’ve read as the others delve a bit into the technical side and if you’re not science-y or not interested in the maths behind it then you might find it a bit dull. However, Atmosphere of Hope is designed for general reading – so if you’re wanting to read further on climate change definitely give it a go!


This prompt was taken from  Hâf @ The Library Looter and Anniek @ Anniek’s Library ‘s Blogtober challenge and was the prompt for day 10.

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