Hot Takes 3 Part 2 – Rip-Off Ragu

Debs continues on her saga to determine the best deliverable gift the internet has to offer and gets round to introducing ideas which aren’t food-related at last. She also finally finds gifts offering the gold-standard of free shipping – what more could a girl want!?

Hot Takes 2 – They’ve Ruined Bob the Builder

Kid’s TV these days just isn’t the same – or at least not in Deb’s opinion. She discusses how “the good shows” aren’t aired anymore or have been remade terribly. In addition to wallowing in self-pity over not having Disney Channel or Nickelodeon and therefore having a deprived childhood.

The Best Board Games You Need To Try

A lot of us, at the moment, have reached that point in quarantine where we’ve experimented with a wide range of activities, whether that’s cleaning, gardening, baking or simply catching up on your Netflix to-watch list. And, as a result, are stuck in a situation where we’re not really sure what to try next but […]