On the Changing of Plans

I’ll start off by saying I’m definitely a stickler when it comes to organisation and planning. It’s something that I rarely take the time to sit down and do, but on the occasion that it does happen, then it takes the earth to take it from me. To me at least, there’s something about having a physical copy written out in ink in front of you that seems so permanent.

So when I began to bend under the stress of trial exams, making an adjustment in my timetable was not my go-to thought. I went through my options, but they all seemed to involve revising more and going out less, which definitely didn’t appeal to me. Despite this however, I continued to work with no changes and managed to reduce myself to tears.  so my mum had to step in and give me a talking to.

In the end I made the changes and things are working out much better for the most part, which is a valuable lesson I doubt I’ll see through but it’s an attempt at least. A lesson for another time. But for now I’ve remembered that change doesn’t have to be negative, and for now that’s enough.


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