My Favourite Vampire or Werewolf | Blogtober 2019

The prompt I’m taking inspiration from today is, as you saw in the title of this post:

Favourite Vampire or Werewolf


Now, I’m probably being really predictable here but it has to be Baz (or Tyrannus Basilton Grimm-Pitch) from the Simon Snow series (Carry On/Wayward Son). One of the things I find so interesting about Baz is his relationship with his identity, i.e. he despises it, especially considering the nature of his mother’s death (is that cryptic enough for it to be spoiler-free?) and the status of vampires in magickal society (pretty much the lowest of the low).

Baz doesn’t fit your typical vampire stereotype either. He dresses smartly in his elegant suits and general suave style and he’s upper class – edging onto the posh side. The similarities I’d be tempted to point out would be his family’s far-bigger-than-necessary house, but considering he’s the only vampire in his family and the fact that they’re generally loaded I feel as though it’s not the tightest connection. 

Whilst Baz may have come across as a bit up-himself earlier on in the series, although let’s be real, mainly in Simon and Penelope’s point of view, it’s mainly as a result of his dignity and pride and beneath that he’s a massive sweetheart and I love him to bits!


An honourable mention in this category would have to be Remus Lupin from the Harry Potter series.  Similar Baz, he was ashamed of what he was (but a werewolf instead of a vampire) and thought less of himself as a result, despite him being an absolute gem.


What’s your opinion of Baz – do you love him as much as I obviously do? 

Who’s your favourite vampire or werewolf?

This prompt was taken from  Hâf @ The Library Looter and Anniek @ Anniek’s Library ‘s Blogtober challenge and was the prompt for day 9. If you want to check out which days I’ll be doing check out my Blogtober introduction post.


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[…] My Favourite Vampire or Werewolf […]


[…] My Favourite Vampire or Werewolf […]


[…] My Favourite Vampire or Werewolf […]