Monthly Music | January 2019

I’ve been really into my music recently with the same few artists and songs constantly blaring through my headphones so I thought to share my favourites from this month.

Jeremy Zucker

Late last December I bought tickets to go see Jeremy Zucker in February as his tour dates popped up on my Spotify and I didn’t think knowing a mere two of his songs really qualified me spending money to go see him so I decided to listen to the rest of his music and I’m so glad I did.

His most recent EP is called summer and all five songs fit together so beautifully. The first track, comethru, narrates his mindset through his summer after graduating from college, with his lifestyle consisting of partying straight then working solidly in a pretty unsustainable manner. The title alludes to how he’s waiting for someone, be it a friend or a girl, to “come through” for him and alleviate him from this current state. The other four songs, selfish, thinking 2 much, desire and firefly, tell the story of the progression of a failing relationship, from questioning it to post-breakup. I find the lyrics to be relatable and you can definitely get into Zucker’s head and see where he’s coming from in the situation, however the songs seem to have an almost wistful sentiment to them, rather having the completely down, negative point of view that other breakup songs tend to have.

The most notable of his songs is probably all the kids are depressed which, as you’ve probably gathered from the title, talks about depression that a lot of young people face. It discusses how many of his friends are depressed and are medicated for it, but also how mental illness in young people is often illegitimised and asks what is someone to do when faced with that problem. If the concept of the song speaks to you then I’d recommend you to check out the youtube video for the song, as it features various people’s experiences with depression whilst the music plays, with their stories captioned throughout.

The last song of his which I’m going to mention is keep my head afloat, purely because I find the subject matter fairly amusing. For this I’m just going to insert what he wrote on genius about it as it captures it well: “this one is about meeting a girl on a plane and falling in love and then the plane crashes into the water and we all lived happily ever after”.

artist links: spotify, youtube, genius

Declan McKenna – Brazil

I don’t tend to listen to Declan McKenna a lot generally, however his song Brazil came up on one of the indie spotify playlists which I tend to listen to and I fell in love with the riff the song has throughout and the way he overlays other riffs and melodies on top of it to create some really beautiful harmonies. It’s just beautiful and wow, you need to give it a listen, even for only the first minute to get that riff stuck in your head.

song / artist links: spotify, youtube, genius

Pulp – Disco 2000

Pulp were an English rock band based in Sheffield who were popular around 1994-1996, but that’s not the reason why it’s made the list. Disco 2000 is a song that has been sung to me various times by teachers, or more specifically a single line of it, as it features my name and over the holidays I got bored and thought of to so decided to have a listen. Funnily enough, I quite like it, but to be honest I think we all love songs that feature our names in them but out of the ones I’ve heard with mine I think this bags the top spot.

song / artist links: spotify, youtube, genius


So that concludes my favourite tracks and artists for this month. If you feel like checking out what I listen to on the daily then pop over to my spotify where you can browse and potentially even follow some of my playlists on there!

Did you know any of these songs or artists that I featured in this month’s post? If so, let me know in the comments below and tell me what you think about them!


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