Hot Takes 3 Part 1 – Charging How Much For a Biscuit!?

A couple of weeks back I watched a video from Grackle where she reviews various deliverable food gifts and it got me wondering what other options are available on the market. So, I embarked on this grand journey of scouring the internet to see what different gifts you’re able to post to your family and friends (or yourself even, if you fancy a bit of self-care).

As it came out fairly long, I split this episode into two parts, with this being the first. This week, I rated and reviewed four out of the nine gift options, but make sure to tune in next week as well where I’ll go through the next five and decide which gift comes out with the crown.

Episode Summary:

It’s your friend’s birthday and you’re not quite sure what to get them? Well, you’ve come to the right place.
Debs begins on her quest to hunt down the ultimate deliverable gifts that money can buy at the moment – exploring both the classic and slightly more niche options. (Spoiler: there’s a lot of rip-offs.)

Hot Takes is a weekly podcast hosted by Deborah Smith where she attempts to sort through and organise her random, mostly irrelevant thoughts that have popped into her head over the last seven days.

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