Favourite Study Tunes

Since mocks are coming up (for students in the UK at least) I thought I would share what I’ve been listening to. Struggling with boredom, I find, is always a struggle when revising, especially when there’s so many other activities and personal projects you’d love to be working on instead. I do agree with working in silence is more effective and time-efficient, however, having music to listen to can be a good motivation boost.

So here’s a few tunes that allow me to stay interested, but also not distracting me too much:

in love with a ghost – this is what I’d call electronic classical, as their work is mostly non-lyrical, their tumblr can be found at @inluvwithaghost ​

Classical music is a must most definitely, with romantic being my favourite period, so composers such as Tchaikovsky are high up on my list. For people unfamiliar to his pieces I’d recommend Swan Lake.

In terms of more modern classical music I’d recommend Joe Hisaishi who writes the soundtracks to Studio Ghibli films

Although I wouldn’t recommend listening to lyrical music most of the time when revising, if you’re doing work that requires less focus I would say listen to Dodie Clark or Conan Gray, as I think they’re both so inspiring, both as people and artists.

So there’s my list and I hope you found something nice to try for your next study sesh.


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