Easy Sushi Recipe

Sushi is a delicious but relatively simple dish to make and can be done by all the members of the family. It never fails to impress and can have your friends thinking you’re a genius in the kitchen!

What’s more, all the ingredients are affordable and available in most supermarkets (or can be bought online if you’re having trouble). You’ll never have to pay those extortionate prices for sushi ever again!

Serves: 4 (10 sushi rolls)


  • bamboo sushi mat
  • cling film


For the rice:

  • 2 cups sushi rice
  • 2 tbsp sushi rice seasoning

For the sushi:

  • 1 bag/5 sheets sushi nori
  • fillings: red pepper strips, seafood sticks, tinned tuna, fried egg, cucumber strips, smoked salmon

To serve:

  • pickled ginger
  • soy sauce
  • wasabi
sushi making equipment, sushi making, sushi, ingredients
(Top right to left) seafood sticks, pepper strips, tuna, fried egg, sushi rice seasoning, pickled ginger
(Bottom right to left) sushi mat, nori, rice
sushi seaweed, sushi nori,
Sushi nori (halved)


  1. Cook sushi rice and mix with seasoning whilst still warm.
  2. Wrap your sushi mat in clingfilm for ease of cleaning afterwards (rice can get stuck in and it’s a pain to clear out!).
  3. Lay half a sheet of nori at the bottom of the sushi mat, shiny side down.
  4. Using your hands, spread rice across the bottom two-thirds of the nori (aiming for a depth of 1cm).
  5. Add a line of filling in the centre of the rice.
  6. Roll the sushi, applying a small amount of pressure and squeezing slightly once rolled.
  7. Cut the sushi roll into 6-8 pieces (or to your desired size).
  8. Serve with soy sauce, for dipping, pickled ginger and wasabi.


  • Keep a bowl of water on hand whilst making the sushi to wash your hands (between applying the rice to the nori and rolling – to avoid getting rice all over the place).
  • If you want to make larger sushi with more filling, use a whole sheet of nori but keep the depth of rice the same.
sushi, homemade sushi, sushi at home

Let me know if you try this recipe and tell me how it goes!

What’s your favourite type of sushi?

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