Cherished 02 – May & June 2020

So June has just ended and we’re still in lockdown here in the UK. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I (along with the rest of the country) have been finding everything difficult still, though potentially slightly better than before. However, collating the things I’ve been enjoying these past two months did bring a smile to my face as it reminded me that although times are still trying and challenging to get through, it hasn’t all been bleak. Maybe not everything has gone to plan or been great, but some things have been. It’s never been more important to be grateful for the little things; to look for the silver linings in each situation.


  • The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer – this was my May read and a great one at that (check out my review of it and the post I did on the best quotes from the book). I haven’t read much feminist-esque literature in the past; whilst this book was fiction so wasn’t informative as such, there was a lot of reflection and room for thought in the aftermath of reading it – something I always appreciate in a novel.
  • I read Pulp by Robin Talley for Pride last month and it was probably the first time I’ve read a novel focusing on a lesbian relationship rather than a gay male one. The novel was written in two timelines which converged at the end which was a format interesting to read and although it was initially difficult for me to get into, after the first fifty pages or so I was certainly invested in the characters.

Film & TV

  • I started watching Normal People on BBC Three after I’d heard the hype surrounding it and my friends had nagged me too and I’m so glad that I did. Funnily enough, I actually started watching the episodes in the wrong order (we somehow ended up beginning on episode three which was rather confusing) but that weirdly didn’t detract at all from the viewing experience. Can highly recommend! (Also, for more TV series on the BBC, check out the recent post I did on the best boxsets on iPlayer at the moment to watch during lockdown.)
  • Goodbye Christopher Robin is a film I noted when it was released a few years back but only recently have got around to watching. It details the relationship between A.A Milne and his son, at the time where the former was writing the famous stories of Winnie the Pooh, and how the books affected their relationship. It was super interesting to see how such a joyous tale had a negative impact on the family, in addition, the film is apparently meant to bear a close resemblance to true events.


I took an unintentional break from Youtube at the start of lockdown as it simply wasn’t something I regularly turned to for entertainment, however, I’ve been getting back into and enjoying the content on the platform more recently – going back to my favourite channels as well as discovering a few new ones.

  • Lucy Moon is an influencer I’ve been following for years now and there’s a reason why I’ve stuck around for so long. Whilst the style of her content has changed over the years, I’ve always found her voice and editing calming to watch and the honesty she presents on her platform is something I appreciate a lot. She recently posted a chatty video on some of the realisations she’s had during lockdown, focusing partially on observations she’s made regarding influencers during the recent surge of activity in the #BlackLivesMatter movement. She’s also posted a variety of lockdown vlogs which are brilliant to play in the background whilst working, something which I’ve certainly been doing a lot of recently.
  • Cheyenne Barton is another long-standing favourite of mine. She’s a Seattle based artist who films a lot of vlogs about both her art/studio and her daily life. Her voice is second-to-none when you’re in need of a relaxing presence and I routinely use her content as pick-me-ups when I’m having a bad day – there’s just something so soothing about her videos.
  • Paloma the Peach is an artist I’ve discovered recently and I adore her studio vlogs. She also has videos where she takes you into her creative process: I found the one where she talks about how she runs her online shop super interesting (even though it’ll likely bear no use to me whatsoever).
  • Nayna Florence is a fashion and lifestyle Youtuber who I started watching a few weeks ago. She comes across as such a sweet person and is passionate about sustainability and the environment, important issues that should be at the forefront of all of our lives. She recently did a video on growing up mixed-race which I identified a lot with and it felt comforting to watch knowing that other people had gone through similar experiences and she highlighted a lot of the struggles and microaggressions really well.


  • My local Caffè Nero opened back up and I honestly couldn’t be happier. Whilst I’m no coffee addict (I don’t even drink it on the daily), I’ve been religiously going to my local one every Friday for the last few years when my best friend and I would have our weekly catch up as it was the only time we’d see each other a lot of the time. Needless to say, the coffee shop is somewhat of a second home to me and being able to grab a latte from it again was such a heavenly joy – one I’m never going to take for granted again!
  • I’ve been exploring a bit more of my creative side again – painting, embroidering, etc – and whilst I haven’t dedicated tonnes of time to it yet, I’m excited to pursue these hobbits further and (hopefully!) improve my skills.

Have you watched/read any of the things that I’ve been enjoying the last couple of months?

What have you been finding relaxing at the moment?


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