Chat-Tea | August 2018 : GCSE Results day

Yesterday was GCSE results day, and whilst I know that in the grand scheme of things GCSEs don’t affect much, or make a difference, it didn’t make receiving them any easier. I debated over writing about my results, as whilst I’m really happy with them, I didn’t want them to discourage anyone about their own, as that’s definitely not want I intend to do.

At my school we receive our results online, at home, as opposed to going into school like the rest of the country; whilst at first I was disappointed over the novelty that I would be missing out on, once the day prior (22nd) arrived, I appreciated not having to face an army of students, teachers and parents the next day. After talking to my friends yesterday I learnt that going into school results in too many nerves, dragging yourself out of your bed and house and then a lot of people prying to see what you got. So I didn’t miss out on much. For my school friends and I, our results were available to us from 0600 onwards but as I was dreading results more than I was eager for them I decided that I would wake up naturally and have that as the designated time that I would open them.

Predictably, however, I ended up getting up around 0730 as my impatient subconscious clearly overrided my body’s desire for more sleep, so, I woke up my parents and went downstairs to grab my laptop, open up my school web-page and click that daunting results button.

Now, what you’re supposedly waiting for, my results:

Maths : 9 (strong A*)

English Language : 9 (strong A*)

English Literature : 7 (A)

Biology : 9 (strong A*)

Chemistry : A*

Physics : A*

Geography : A*

Spanish : A*

Art : 8 (A*)

DT : Resistant Materials : A*

Further Maths : A^ (strong A*)

So there are my results, totalling 10 A*s and an A in the old GCSE terms. If you’re looking at the list incredibly confused to why I have both letters and numbers it’s because I took exams on the new 9-1 system, the old A*-G and some iGCSEs as well, it’s annoying I know.

I’m ecstatic with my results to say the least, and whilst my grade for English Lit bugs me a tad, I know it’s completely unreasonable so I’m pushing that out of my mind. What’s even better is that my parents are really happy with what I got, my dad practically shouted (that’s out of joy by the way) when I told them. At the end of the day, whilst I did work hard for myself, it was also to make them proud, so to have achieved that is a great feeling.

I want to say a big, fat well done to everyone else who got their results yesterday, the last six months (and more) have been stressful and we’ve managed to get through them relatively unscathed, and hopefully with results that we can all be proud of. Then again, if you’re reading this feeling disappointed with your own, I want to say that in another two years GCSEs will most likely feel like a distant memory, one that doesn’t affect much and hasn’t stopped us from achieving anything. I’m fortunate enough to be academically inclined, with supportive parents and amazing teachers and whilst school does make it seem as though exams are these overwhelming, life-changing events, they definitely don’t govern over everything. What’s more, as my parents like to remind me, the main thing that matters is that you did your best, you can’t do anything more than that.

So congratulations to all of us and good luck for anyone taking any other exams either next year or in the near future. If you had results day yesterday as well tell me in the comments section down below, I’d love to know.


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Woahhhh! Well done!

Love, Soph

Your results are incredible! Congratulations 🙌🏻