Hot Takes 3 Part 2 – Rip-Off Ragu

Debs continues on her saga to determine the best deliverable gift the internet has to offer and gets round to introducing ideas which aren’t food-related at last. She also finally finds gifts offering the gold-standard of free shipping – what more could a girl want!?

Hot Takes 2 – They’ve Ruined Bob the Builder

Kid’s TV these days just isn’t the same – or at least not in Deb’s opinion. She discusses how “the good shows” aren’t aired anymore or have been remade terribly. In addition to wallowing in self-pity over not having Disney Channel or Nickelodeon and therefore having a deprived childhood.

Hot Takes 1 – Sacrificing Cereal Milk For Tea

In this episode, I delve into the utter crisis of milk being in limited supply at the moment (in the fridge if not in the supermarket) and the concept of having a “milk allowance” – i.e. not being able to go and use the milk at will anymore in the fear that it’ll run out […]

Hot Takes – Podcast Launch and Trailer

We’ve all got those projects in our heads. You know what I mean, those creative endeavours that we keep on wanting to start but never getting round to doing and instead make up excuses for why now “isn’t the right time” or “there’s bigger priorities and goals I should set my mind on instead”. However, […]