Thoughts on Thunderhead: Does Mortality Give Us Meaning?

I’m currently reading the novel Thunderhead, the sequel to Scythe which I’ve previously read and reviewed, and as it’s set in a world which has achieved immortality, amongst other things, a lot of questions were raised throughout, and some of them particularly interesting. The lives the people lead in the universe are generally similar to […]

A Darker Shade Of Magic | Book Review

Title: A Darker Shade Of Magic Author: V E Schwab Series: Shades of Magic #1 Publisher: Tor Books Publishing Date: 24th February 2015 I must begin by saying that the first time I read A Darker Shade of Magic I wasn’t that impressed. I thought it to be decent and even good when the story […]

A Real Threat to Democracy

Populism is defined as ‘support for the concerns of ordinary people’. This statement alone leaves connotations of a happy, satisfied society working alongside an agreeable government, but there’s more to it than you’d think. Populist philosophy has been steadily increasing in the last 25-30 years, however recently there’s been a noticeable acceleration. The philosophy itself […]

A Common Future?

Encompassing almost a third of the world’s population, and being founded nearly 90 years ago, many of us have never known a world without the Commonwealth of Nations, more commonly known as the Commonwealth. We may focus on the games, held every 4 years, or take note of the commemorative day which has just passed, […]