DIY Fjallraven Kanken Embroidery

We all have those creative projects which we think would be fun and cool to do but never actually get round to actualising. For the longest time, embroidering my Fjallraven Kanken backpack was one of those projects and at last, I finally got round to doing it. I decided to make a YouTube video (my […]

Thoughts on Thunderhead: Does Mortality Give Us Meaning?

I’m currently reading the novel Thunderhead, the sequel to Scythe which I’ve previously read and reviewed, and as it’s set in a world which has achieved immortality, amongst other things, a lot of questions were raised throughout, and some of them particularly interesting. The lives the people lead in the universe are generally similar to […]

A Darker Shade Of Magic | Book Review

Title: A Darker Shade Of Magic Author: V E Schwab Series: Shades of Magic #1 Publisher: Tor Books Publishing Date: 24th February 2015 I must begin by saying that the first time I read A Darker Shade of Magic I wasn’t that impressed. I thought it to be decent and even good when the story […]

Chat-Tea | August 2018 : GCSE Results day

Yesterday was GCSE results day, and whilst I know that in the grand scheme of things GCSEs don’t affect much, or make a difference, it didn’t make receiving them any easier. I debated over writing about my results, as whilst I’m really happy with them, I didn’t want them to discourage anyone about their own, […]