Best Boxsets to binge on BBC iPlayer during lockdown

It’s several months into lockdown now and we’re beginning to reach that point where we’ve exhausted our Netflix lists; watched all those DVDs on our shelves and recorded episodes that we were intending to (or am I dated for doing that still?). One resource which I don’t think is talked about enough is BBC iPlayer. […]

The King @ LFF | Film Review

On Thursday 3rd October I was lucky enough to go see a screening of The King at the London Film Festival which is hosted annually by the British Film Institute. Whilst it wasn’t the first showing in the UK, it was the second and was held on the same night, meaning that all the actors […]

BFI London Film Festival 2018

This year, 2018, October 10th to the 21nd is the 62nd London Film Festival, hosted by British Film Institute, and this time I was lucky enough to go and see a couple films. Back in September, the programme for the festival came through our door in the post, and of course we were fairly late […]

Relatable Villains and Questionable Heroes

Black Panther. Had an incredibly opening box office weekend, but, even more than that, it continued to have good success afterwards. Why? Well, in addition to having an incredible cast and music of all African American artists, it had a good plot, and I think that’s had a big role to play. What Black Panther […]

Daredevil: A Question on Morality

Lately I’ve been watching Daredevil, a show by Marvel, it follows a young man called Matt Murdock and his aim to save his neightbourhood, Hell’s Kitchen. I’ve just finished the first season, and it’s really got me thinking about good and evil and how far can you go from one until it becomes the other. […]