BFI London Film Festival 2018

This year, 2018, October 10th to the 21nd is the 62nd London Film Festival, hosted by British Film Institute, and this time I was lucky enough to go and see a couple films.

Back in September, the programme for the festival came through our door in the post, and of course we were fairly late minute about it. I remember looking at the date and realising that tickets went on sale the next day, so instead of going to bed at a reasonable time, I spent the next half an hour reading all of the film summaries circling every film I wanted to see (which, of course, was about half of them) and exclamation points for the ones I was desperate for.

I waited anxiously the next morning at school, but my fears were relieved when my dad texted to say that he’d been able to buy tickets for three films: Colette, The Old Man & The Gun and Beautiful Boy. Then proceeded to forget about it until the beginning of this month, when my excitement began to build in anticipation.

The two films I ended up going to see were Colette, at the Embankment Garden Cinema on Thursday 11th, and Beautiful Boy at Cineworld Leicester Square on Saturday 13th.


For Colette, the demographic of the people there was definitely varied, there were a lot of adults in their late twenties / early thirties who looked like they had just come from their office jobs, or had dressed up especially for the viewing. The rest of the audience consisted of some older people or families, but by families I mean a mother / daughter duo, as you were only able to buy two tickets per transaction.IMG_2857The Embankment Garden Cinema was set up especially for the LFF this year, and was a lot better than I expected, as in my head I thought it would be a more basic, temporary structure, but from the inside, particularly for where the screen was, it looked no different from a normal building (apart from the slightly fancier than normal portaloos).IMG_2890



The cherry on top of the cake though was seeing Keira Knightley and Dominic West, in addition to all the producers, before the movie and in discussion with the art director for the LFF this year, Tricia Tuttle. Before viewing, I wasn’t sure if they’d come to the viewing I was seeing, as it was the second showing, but I was pleasantly rather shocked,  and ecstatic to see someone I’d only admired from the comfort of a television screen at home, regardless of how far away she was. The art director asked the producers and both actors some questions which must have lasted less than ten minutes, but I was overjoyed about their presence either way.

The people at the screening for Beautiful Boy were different to Colette, Beautiful Boy was on the weekend as opposed to a weekday, which may be a reason there were more young people, either that or it had Timothée Chalamet acting in it, my bet’s on the latter. I talked to two women behind me in the queue who turned out to be really big fans of Timothée (or Chalabaes so to say) and had come out of the cinema whilst the red carpet event was on. They were kind enough to inform me how great his suit was that day (if you didn’t catch it, it was fantastically floral and definitely deserves a google) and that he was giving out tickets to fans at the barriers if they didn’t already have tickets to the first screening of the film. So am I an even bigger fan of him now after learning about this? Why of course I am.


Once again, the actors and producers did a short Q&A with the art director, this time the actors being Timothée Chalamet and Steve Carell, who garnered a lot of clapping at various points when they were talking and again at the end of the film, my favourite point being when Steve Carell calling Timothée a son-like figure on set, which I’m sure we can all agree is adorable.

That concludes my overview of my time at the BFI’s London Film Festival 2018 and whilst it’s over for another year I’d definitely recommend going to anyone in the area, and in the meantime, to go see the various events and films that the BFI show at their Southbank cinema. The films that the BFI produce are so diverse, they cover so many current topics, such as LGBTQ, race and gender issues, give a platform for up and coming film makers as well as showing cult classics from the past year along with some from the last fifty.


What new films or film events have you gone to / seen recently? and how did you find them?

Also are you more of a fan of Keira Knightley or Timothée Chalamet fan?

Let me know in the comments below!



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