A New Kind of Tea

To give you some context, I was out clothes shopping at the weekend, a near unheard of experience for me, and the Whittards I passed was giving out free samples. Now, if you’re British, you’ll understand that I could not pass up on free samples, especially when it comes to tea, so of course I took one, despite the tea being one of the non-traditional kinds.

Herbal tea, for me, isn’t normally a particularly enjoyable experience. Green tea I love in nearly all of its varieties however my past experiences with herbal (namely camomile) have not been pleasant, and have involved me thinking that it tastes a little like dirt and proceeding to top it up with cocoa powder. This, I know, is probably an unpopular opinion, so I wouldn’t have said any of this without redeeming myself immediately after.

The free tea was a fruity kind. A combination including honey, apricot and vanilla, which in hindsight, I probably wouldn’t have tried knowing the ingredients, but oh well. To skip to final result, I ended up buying a tub (do they come in tubs? Probably the wrong word) and splitting it with my friend who fell in love with it also.

The tea is called ‘Dreamtime’ and is part of Whittard’s instant tea range (I thought tea was already instant enough but apparently not). According to Whittard, the tea is instant because you can add hot or cold water, to make a summmery punch or a nice hot brew. I have to say that I am definitely a fan of this tea, as the different temperatures do create different feels, but both have an autumnal theme to go with them, which is particularly nice for this time of year.

So yeah, buy the tea if you’re in the need of a nice new tea to try, even if you’ve never been a fan of herbal/fruit teas you might surprise yourself and like it (like me)!!!



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