7 Female Asian Youtubers You Should Be Watching

If you’re anything like me, you love to watch a bit of Youtube – whether it’s a short video to treat myself in between completing tasks or sitting down after a long day to watch a length one – it normally features in my daily routine at least once.

A lot of us I’m sure are spending a lot more time on the site at the moment, potentially running out of content from the creators we love, or perhaps just want someone new to watch, so I’d thought I’d share some of the Youtubers whose content I’ve adored recently, and have been for a while now. In addition, I thought to put a spotlight on Asian creators, as like with any other platform, it can be harder for them to get the recognition they deserve and I know I love to see people of similar background to me on the internet so I want to give them some more love.

I’ve linked their channels and instagrams down below (as well as blogs if they have them), in addition to attempting to give a brief overview of their content and share why you should give their content a watch.

1. The Seoul Search

Michelle Choi, known online as The Seoul Search, is a Korean-American student in her final year of studies at UC Davis. I find her daily vlogs super calming and love the quality coffee-making content within them, in addition to her chattier videos such as her get ready with me’s and ones on self-care and productivity.

Her Instagram is one to watch as well, as it’s full of editorial-style shots which she somehow takes using self-timer, much to my wonder.

The Seoul Search: Youtube / Instagram / Blog

2. Best Dressed

Ashley, a.k.a bestdressed, is an influencer who I’m sure needs little introduction considering her following current amasses to over 3 million on Youtube alone. If you’re not already following her, she’s a fashion creator whose voice-overs and commentary are hilarious and second to none. She recently moved to New York city from LA and has a bunch of videos documenting the transition – I’m not entirely sure how she made NYC apartment hunting so darn interesting but it’s a great one to watch.

bestdressed: Youtube / Instagram

3. CatCreature

Annabelle is an art student in her final year at RISD, with her content mainly focusing around daily and weekly vlogs. It feels weird to type but I find her voice really soothing to listen to and after a long day I know that I can just put on one of her videos to watch and immediately feel relaxed. Her shots and editing are beautiful and her chattier videos feel honest and reflective as well.

She has a second channel, pyperbleu, in collaboration with her sister, where they create solely art-focused videos such as tutorials, reviews and a look into their sketchbooks.

CatCreature: Youtube / Instagram

4. Twirling Pages

Alexandra started out on the internet as a book blogger but has gradually shared more on her Youtube channel over the past year or so, where she’s more lifestyle-focused. My favourite content from her has to be anything involving her room though, as it is the definition of goals and so every time it pops up on my Instagram feed I’m filled with a bout of inspiration to go redecorate mine.

Twirling Pages: Youtube / Instagram / Blog

5. Emi Wong

Emi is a fitness Youtuber based in Hong Kong and is my go-to for any home workout videos, with my favourite being this 15 minute ab workout and this 10 minute leg workout. She always explains each exercise well and provides motivation throughout which for me is much appreciated.

She also has recipe videos if you’re looking for healthy food inspiration as well as travel vlogs, making sure to showcase the amazing food she tries – giving a real dose of food envy.

Emi Wong: Youtube / Instagram

6. Oh No Nina

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Nina is another lifestyle based content creator – makeup transformations, get ready with me’s, vlogs, productive day in the life’s – but what I really love is her Korean cooking videos where she’ll make her family recipes or comfort foods, the more traditional food that you wouldn’t usually get in a restaurant or immediately think of. (I know I fall victim of immediately thinking of Korean barbecue when I think of the culture and not much else!) I also love her appreciation and love for her own culture and background, as well as her love for BTS and other kpop groups, it’s second to none.

oh no nina: Youtube / Instagram

7. Linh Truong

Linh is a senior in high school and I’d be lying if I said that didn’t amaze me considering the standard of her content and her being the same age as me. I adore her recent video that she did on her impressions of Animal Crossing New Horizons and a walk-through of her island. I also am in love with her Instagram and its warm tones and cosy feel so make sure you give it a follow!

Linh Truong: Youtube / Instagram

Who from this list do you already follow and who are you planning to add to your feed? Or do you think I missed some noteworthy people out? Let me know in the comments below.


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