5 Places To Eat In St.Ives

After discussing the best things to do around St.Ives I thought I’d share the best places to eat there. This time was also the third time I’ve visited the area, so I’d like to think myself to be a veteran in this field.
I’ve also tried to share a range of places to ensure that, whatever the occasion, there’ll be an option below for you to try.


1. The Hub – Burgers

I would be lying if I said the best burger I’ve ever had wasn’t from here. The Hub offers a range of burgers using chicken, pork and the classic beef, along with different flavour combinations to make one of the best food experiences. As I have a number of vegetarian friends, eating out can prove to be a challenge at times, with either a too small selection or the food being flavourless. Luckily the veggie food here is really damn good, with halloumi burgers and vegan options, everyone can be satisfied.
The Hub is located next to the harbour; if you want to catch a seat with a view then I’d recommend coming around 5 o’clock if you’re looking at dinner. They don’t take reservations as they’ve got an endless customer base so make sure you don’t come during the rush around 6-7 as it’ll be difficult to get just a normal table.

2. Moomaid of Zennor – Ice Cream

What would the world be like without ice cream? A pretty sad one, I know. I’m definitely one of those people who eats certain foods in completely ridiculous weather and/or season. I mean, if ice cream is there and available, who cares if it’s Winter? (Well, you might, but let’s just push that aside.) Moomaid of Zennor is an ice cream store located by the harbour in St Ives (the same one as earlier), and it stays open until late all year round, so you can get that much needed mid-winter evening ice cream. They also have stockists at various cafes and museums, such as Penlee Gallery which I mentioned in my previous post, so if you can’t make it to the parlour itself, keep your eyes peeled.


3. The Digey – Cream Tea

It’s common knowledge that if you’re in Cornwall cream tea is a must have (so is the classic debate to go along with it but we’ll leave that out). They offer it at an affordable price point of ~£4 for two scones with jam and cream, with drinks sold separately. And for a damn good scone or two, it’s not too bad at all.

4. The Balancing Eel –  Fish and Chips

Another more seaside typical food product that I can’t seem to live without. Although The Balancing Eel may not seem to reek of luxury on first glance, I’m sure once you dig into its chips you’ll have a change of heart. If you’re wanting to eat in then they have a restaurant upstairs, which overlooks the harbour it’s located next to (it’s the same harbour as before, everything seems to be there I know). But, to be honest, why eat in when you can sit on a bench outside, with a guaranteed view and cheaper price, it’s a no brainer (unless you factored in the pure fear felt when surrounded by seagulls, then that would be a tough one).

5. Yellow Canary – Pasties

Ah yes, the last of the golden quartet of Cornwall (I know burgers, I’m just as sorry as you are). Pasties are a pretty traditional food in Cornwall, it could even be said it’s the food you think of when considering the place, especially now that pasties that haven’t been made there but have the same recipe aren’t allowed to be called the Cornish pasties (I know it seems obvious but it was strange when it happened a few years back). The Yellow Canary stands out, however, due to the life changing event that I had there: my first vegan pasty. And it wasn’t any old meat-free substitute, it was a Thai Vegan substitute, which didn’t taste particularly vegan (whatever that means). They also sold sweet and savoury pasties which were had when men had to go down to the mines and had opposing flavours at either end, and although I’m not too optimistic personally about it, I’m sure is nice (which I think we can all agree is the perfect adjective to use when there’s a complete lack of enthusiasm).

Vegan Pasties or not, I hope one of these eateries have tickled your fancy or made your stomach rumble (sorry not sorry), and if you’re in the area make sure to check them out!


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