5 Female Pop Artists You Need To Listen To Right Now

I love supporting other women, as I’m sure most of you do too, and since having Spotify Premium I’ve discovered a number of female artists, so I thought to share some of my favourites.

1. Lorde

I thought to start off with Lorde as she’s definitely the most well-known artist on this list. I remember when her debut single Royals came back in 2013 and it completely blew up and topped the charts. Did I like it? Of course and I watched the music video so that must mean something, but I wasn’t obsessed with it, it was just good.

I properly got into her music around April time this year upon listening to her song Hard Feelings which was overlayed onto a compilation of clips from the Netflix series The End Of The F***ing World. After hearing it I went and searched up the album is was on, Melodrama. I was enchanted with her moody, dream pop music which is a subgenre focusing on the texture and atmosphere of the song as well as the melody. Although I got into her music due to her second album I would say that my favourite is her debut, Pure Heroine, which depicts the mundanity of suburban adolecence, as she likes to call it, and as a teen myself I find myself connecting with. (She describes it in an interview which you can find here.)

As for my favourite song by her it’s an incredibly hard decision but it would be either Buzzcut Season or 400 Lux.

2. Sarah Close

Sarah Close is a British artist born in the Isle of Wight. She was popularised due to her YouTube channel where she published covers of songs, something I only found out when searching for music videos. I like her music because to me it gives off this happy but nonchalant vibe, as though she hasn’t got a care in the world. I discovered her through a Spotify playlist called Left Of Center  which is a compilation of modern indie pop  and is regularly updated, meaning there’s always new music to be discovered.

My favourite song by Close has to be her newest single, You Say, which was released last month under her new record company, The Kodiak Club, which she formed after being dropped by her previous one.

3. Billie Eilish

You’ve most likely heard of Eilish as she’s recently taken the world of pop music by storm with her electropop after she released her first song, Ocean Eyes, on SoundCloud back in 2016. Since then she’s  released a number of new tracks and has opened for Florence And The Machine on tour, and when you then learn that she’s only 16 you’re blown away. She encompasses a young success story not far behind the likes of artists such as Lorde so she’s a rising name to say the least.

From Eilish I’m a fan of &burn which she did with Vince Staples and you should see me in a crown.

4. Nina Nesbitt

Nesbitt I found a similar time to Sarah Close and her music generally falls under folk pop (at least according to the internet). I must say that I’m not so much a fan of her earlier songs, but I’ve been a big fan of all the songs she’s released since halfway through 2017, such as Moments I’m Missing and Somebody Special.

My favourite song by Nesbitt is The Best You Had as when listening to it I feel as though I understand her emotionally and the track feels as though you’ve got a deep, personal insight into her relationships and mindset.

5. Sasha Sloan

If you were to check out one artist from this list I would say to listen to Sasha Sloan. She writes this melancholy indie pop which, if you’re an introvert or ever felt like an outsider, you’re sure to connect with. She writes honestly about her feelings, admitting that in her most recent track Normal ‘there isn’t a single lyric in this song that isn’t true’ during an interview with Billboard, with the song talking about her going to parties to make her feel like she fits in and belongs. I’m not sure about you but when brutal honesty meets music in that way that’s when I really connect with an artist with Sloan’s songs give off a feeling of raw emotion. Similar to the other four artists I’ve talked about so far, she’s involved with writing her own songs, however she does more than simply that and has co-written hits of other artists, an example being Camila Cabello’s Never Be The Same.

Ready Yet was the first song of Sloan’s that I listened to and remains my favourite. I originally thought that it was about her ex and their past relationship but is actually her talking about her dad, which was a surprise, but a nice, interesting one at that (that’s not to say I don’t like songs about romantic relationships though).


There’s the rundown of the female artists who are currently taking over my Spotify artists, it’s not a finite list for sure, and I definitely still love Taylor Swift but I thought that I’d share an insight into my favourite tracks and potentially a look into my head, if you see music in that light. If you want to have more of a look at what I listen to, check out my Spotify account and have a browse.

Who are some of your favourite female artists?


Photo by Jean on Unsplash


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Thank you for sharing! I’m currently checking out all of them and they sound amazing!! In love with Sarah Close <3

Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams

I’ve been listening to so much Lorde this summer, and I’m so happy to see Nina Nesbitt on your list! She’s so underrated. <3