2018: My Year in Books

Now 2018 has come to an end it only seems fitting to review the year, especially to look over what I read and whilst I felt as though I was reading a fair amount, looking back it doesn’t seem to be the case. Most likely due to the dry periods caused by exams and going away which took over my life for many weeks at a time during those I seemingly didn’t read at all, or at least it looks to be that way.

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I’m not at all surprised to see that The Giver was my longest book this year by any means and I think I read it in a day or so. I don’t recall much happening in the book either and I felt as though certain parts were rushed or skimmed over which I wasn’t too enamoured by in any means.

Whilst A Conjuring of Light is a long book, it didn’t feel that way, mostly because it had a good pace and there generally wasn’t many (if any) dull moments in it, and looking back it definitely was one of the highlights of my reading in 2018.

For average length, 395 feels pretty normal to me, as most books tend to be around the 300-400 page ball park so that doesn’t need to have much said about it to be honest.

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Ahh yes, we meet The Giver again. I can understand why it’s generally quite popular because the concepts it talks about are interesting but in terms of execution it falls short. For Are We All Lemmings and Snowflakes?, it was released later on in the year so it makes sense that not many people have read it. It was a nice read but, like The Giver, nothing groundbreaking.

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Something I really should do in 2019 is to rate all my books, as 3.9/5 is an awfully high average score and doesn’t reflect the books I read this year. The explanation is that I tend to only rate the books I give 5/5 because I think they deserve to be given it and the books I give 1-2/5 because I don’t think they’re worth much of other people’s time and effort where they could be reading better books. I generally rate the books I review on here as well but frankly I tend to review the good ones as I want them to stay with me as long as possible and for as many other people to hear about them as possible, so that’s something I need to work on in 2019 as well.

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It was with great joy that I saw Thunderhead had taken this spot as it’s one of the books that most certainly deserves such a high rating on Goodreads, rather than the ones just from pop culture and given 5 stars. It’s a book I really love and one that I don’t think I can recommend so I’m really happy to see that other people see it in the same light. (Also, remember how I talked about how The Giver had some good concepts, Thunderhead deals with the same ones, plus more and then top it all off with good writing. It’s a match made in heaven I know.)

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What actually surprised me the most about these two is how they’re actually both really similar in length and that I wrote the Throne of Glass review this year as I was sure I read it in 2017 but my memory’s clearly failed me. I want to say that my writing’s improved by A Darker Shade of Magic but in all honestly I’m never too sure. Also, it’s clear that I need to remember to publish all my reviews on Goodreads as it ADSOM was not the last book I reviewed this year, so that needs to be a resolution for me now it’s the new year.

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That concludes my year in books for 2018. I hope looking at that list you might be able to find a new book to read in that list but if not then I should be getting some more reviews up in the new year, as I haven’t been blogging a lot in December but I want to get back to the regular posts I had in previous months.

Hope to see you soon and thanks for reading!


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The Scythe series is one of the best to come out in the last few years. I am absolutely thrilled for the third book (in fact, I can’t wait). I also see red queen – are you planning on continuing the series?


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